What will it deliver?

The main result of refuel is the biofuels roadmap. In refuel a variety of complementary techno-economic market models will be applied that will generate the following, more detailed direct outcomes:

  • A spatially detailed refuel land resources database for EU25+ *
  • A detailed long-term assessment of technical and economic biomass production potentials for the EU25+, incorporating economic factors, land-use, energy and agricultural policy in a coherent manner
  • An analysis of key drivers and barriers for developing and exploiting biomass production potentials for biofuels
  • An assessment of the impact of the biofuels target on biomass production schemes
  • Costs and potentials for conventional and advanced biofuels and the required market structure and supply chain
  • A socio-economic cost-benefit analysis for biofuels and a corresponding methodology
  • A review of current EU25 biofuels policies, their drivers and effectiveness
  • Dissemination, closely focused on relevant policy makers and market actors, and differentiated for various target audiences. For example: a website and refuel project folders

* EU-25 plus Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, Norway and Switzerland