Refuel working programme

Refuel working programme

In order to set up the road map, the following working stages have been identified:

Preliminary road map and target setting

In this stage, we will set the scene for the road map. We will define an ambitious, yet realistic biofuels target for 2030, based on interaction with relevant EU Directorats General (DGs) and in line with stakeholders‘ communis opinio.

Biomass potentials

Biomass production potentials will be assessed for the EU25 plus Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, Norway, and Switzerland. Especially in the Central and Eastern European Countries, potentials for biomass production are assumed to be significant. The robustness of productivity will be assessed and various variants for using land will be included.

Biomass supplies and markets

Given biomass potentials, an assessment of economic potentials and costs will be made, taking into account, for example, developments in agriculture and other land-using sectors. Furthermore, the development of markets for biomass will be analysed, also for international trade.

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