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The REFUEL final road map is now available

The refuel project is designed to encourage a greater market penetration of biofuels. To help achieve this goal, we will develop a biofuels road map, consistent with EU biofuel policies and supported by stakeholders involved in the biofuels field. Starting early 2006, the project involves seven renowned partners and will take 24 months to complete. Refuel is financed by the European Commission under the ‚Intelligent Energy – Europe‘ programme.


The road map will include work on:

  • The destination: an ambitious, yet realistic target share for biofuels in the fuel mix for EU transport in 2030
  • The route: the least-cost biofuel mix meeting this target, with related biofuels production chains, conversion technology, and biomass feedstocks in the EU25+ *
  • The purpose of the journey: assess the impact of reaching the target share on the main drivers behind biofuels: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing security of supply and socio-economic impacts, especially in agriculture
  • At the wheel: the key stakeholders, their motives, the actions required from them, the barriers they will meet, the optimal timing of their actions
  • Paving the way: policies needed to mobilise stakeholders, create incentives and reduce barriers

The road map will consist of a systematically described set of actions to be taken, coherent in task allocation and timing.

What will it deliver?

The main result of refuel is the biofuels roadmap. In refuel a variety of complementary techno-economic market models will be applied that will generate the following, more detailed direct outcomes:

  • A spatially detailed refuel land resources database for EU25+
  • A detailed long-term assessment of technical and economic biomass production potentials for the EU25+, incorporating economic factors, land-use, energy and agricultural policy in a coherent manner


what will it deliver